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Diese 100 Unternehmen bewegen Berlin!
Diese 100 Unternehmen bewegen Berlin!
Fapack in der Jubiläumsausgabe von "Tagespiegel Köpfe"!

Contruction types

Our box variety is convincing in quality and price.

For die-cut packaging we can offer you small batches without any tooling costs with our plotter. The quantity should not exceed 20 – 100 pieces depending on the size. To produce die-cut packagings in larger amounts we need a tool. The tooling costs vary from about 150,- to 500,- € depending on the size. The tool is your property. Of course we will store it in our factory for subsequent orders.

Folding cardboard boxes, hooded lid boxes made out of solid board and archive boxes do not need an extra tool for production. The machines can be adjusted individually for the size needed. The alkaline buffered material and the stainless steel corner staples used for the archive boxes allow a storage time of up to 30 years for important documents.

The following prices are calculated for a purchase quantity of 100 pieces. The upper price is for a raw box and the lower price for a box covered with paper. All prices are plus VAT and change accordingly with lower or higher purchase quantities.

The minimum order value is 250,- €.

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