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Diese 100 Unternehmen bewegen Berlin!
Diese 100 Unternehmen bewegen Berlin!
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Cardboard boxes

It all starts with good packaging…

In times of mass production and conformity packaging that stands out from the rest becomes even more important. The goal is to catch the interest of your customers with the use of haptics and good looks. High quality products or individual items need packaging that meet the same standards. We create unique boxes in our factory every day.

The standards we set are mostly the same as 100 years ago. First of all this means that we take the time needed to produce each box to the high quality which you expect. Since 2014 we have been a member of the “Handmade in Germany – Deutsche Manufakturen” initiative, along with well-known members as KPM, Faber-Castell, Roeckl or Burmester Audio. This initiative stands for high quality handmade products Made in Germany.

Our different manufacturing techniques make it possible to produce just one single box or thousands. Depending on the material, the construction and the finish of the box we are able to produce them in different ways.

Starting with regular boxes with lids (carved with stapled corners) to boxes with magnetic lids and velvet inserts – the possibilities are nearly endless. Please tell us the aim and purpose for the packaging as well as your budget per box. With this information we can find the optimal solution for you.


Below you can find pictures for a first overview of the different constructions possible.

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