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Diese 100 Unternehmen bewegen Berlin!
Diese 100 Unternehmen bewegen Berlin!
Fapack in der Jubiläumsausgabe von "Tagespiegel Köpfe"!

A lot happened in 148 years.

As a family business run in the 5th generation Fapack successfully combines Tradition and modernism.

The company was foundet on the 1st of October 1869 in Berlin as a bookbindery and hatboxmanufactory. Only a few years later Fapack produced also cardboard packagings for the growing Berlin Industry. Typical customers were small craft businesses, milineries and special stores for laundry and fabrics. Around the turn of the century Fapack already employed 50 workers. Instead of dogs pulling small trolleys a horse-drawn vehicle was now being used.

After WorldWar I the business was able to start producing again due to a patended "hovering" packaging for transmitting tubes. These were used in radios made by Loewe and Telefunken. Even a transportation to Japan was possible using this new packaging concept. The company Ernst Ließ became a popular supplier for the electrical industry.

After WorldWar II the original Production site was completely destroyed. Only machines which were transferred before to the eastern parts of Berlin and saxony survived. Despite this fact the production could start again shortly after the end of the war at two sides in Berlin. A well looked after portable typewriter registered the first orders.

After the foundation of the GDR the production was concentratet at the side in West-Berlin since the transportation of goods in the eastern parts became more and more difficult. In 1950 the company Fapack was founded in West-Berlin. After the building of the wall the production side in East-Berlin was totally isolated. In 1972 this part of the company was nationalized.  

In 1970 the "Pappen und Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG" was founded in Bad Harzburg Western Germany. The first EPS parts were produced here. Numerous technical adaptations which were realized by our company became standards later on for production machines. In 1981 the company moved to Berlin and the cardboard and EPS sector of the company were combined in Berlin Mariendorf.

In the year 2009 Fapack decided to return to its roots and start the manufacturing of fine cardboards again. The production of these boxes and the card- and solidboard boxes started in January 2010 in Berlin Neukoelln, Ederstr. 18.

Since 01.06.2015 the production of EPS-parts is also located at the site in Neukoelln. The production of those is now done with a modern and highly efficient boiler plant.

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