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Diese 100 Unternehmen bewegen Berlin!
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A speciality of Fapack are socalled technical parts out of airpop® (also known as Styropor® or EPS) which fullfill their function in machines or helmets for example. The new name airpop® unifies numerouse different names like styrofoam or Quietschpappe for the same material.

The raw material needs to be pre-expanded to the needed density before it can be used for the production of a moulded part. This is done in a socalled preexpander by using steam. After the process of pre-expanding is finished the material has to be stored in silos in order to stabilize. Afterwards the part is produced with a moulding tool on one of our modern production machines. All the relevant data is permanently documented and controlled.  

For the airpop®-interior of horseriding-, bicylce- and ski-helmets FAPACK guarantees a unexceptional final check: every production is documented and a protocol is recorded. If requested we save the pre-expanding-, production- and weigth-data plus the temperature and other parameters continually and deliver those for your documentation.

Therefore our customers can be sure that the finished helmets will pass the complex functional testing. Also they can rely on a 100% tracing of all the relevant parameters.

Another benefit of the documentation: less samples have to be extracted and get destroyed during stress tests. 

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